Our Rating System Explained

I’ve had one or two questions before about how our rating system works, so I thought I’d do a little rundown:

0 tea cups- Nothing’s ever hit zero before, and It’s doubtful that anything ever will. To get a zero, it’s not even worth a cup of cold tea. I wouldn’t use it as filter paper!

1 tea cup- It wasn’t really very good. There were too many things wrong with it, but I might use it to rest my tea cup on.

2 tea cups – Meh. It didn’t completely suck, but there was just something that made me not like it. I read it, but I wouldn’t pass up a cup of tea for it.

3 tea cups – It was ok! There were a few things I didn’t like, but overall I didn’t mind it. It’s not as good as my tea though!

4 tea cups – It was really good! This book was great, but not perfect (not that many books are). It was worth putting my tea cup down for.

5 tea cups – It was the epitome of brilliance. This book was so good that I’d pass up a visit to Tea-Too (only the best Tea shop ever…they have turkish apple tea!!) to read it! Drop your tea (just don’t spill it on your books) and go get a copy quick fast!

Half tea cups – These books were halfway between two ratings, so I just couldn’t decide! In metaphorical terms, our tea cups are sitting on the fence!***

Our ratings will now come up in picture format (because pictures are more fun!) so look out for that! If you have any questions about our ratings, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

Honest Review Policy
All of our reviews are honest, no matter what. If we don’t like a book, we clearly state it because lying isn’t helpful to you, as readers, to the author or to us and our credibility. We want to be as clear as possilble about how we feel about a book, so if we don’t like it (or if we love it), we’re going to say it.

But hating on authors is not okay. EVER. If (and when) we write negative reviews, they are not because we want to personally attack an author because we think their work was *ahem* ‘crap’. Because it probably wasn’t. Sure, if we rated a book badly we are going to need to explain why, and that is always in our reviews. Besides, books aren’t ever completely bad. Some books are not to our liking, or they could do with a LOT more work, but there is always something that is ok about them. So we aim, in our reviews, to present both sides of the story, the good and the bad.

In short, we don’t want to attack anyone with our reviews, especially if they are negative. We simply didn’t like the book, and this is going to be understandable from the review we give. Please take into account when you read our reviews that they are purely based on personal opinion, and what I might love, you might not.

– Sas & Roz

*** Don’t actually try sitting your tea cups on a fence, chances are they will fall off and smash, and unlike spilt milk, spilt tea is most certainly something to cry over.

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