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Books on Tea Mouse are reviewed by Saskia, who lives in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Please make sure you can ship here before enquiring about reviews!

Being offered books for review is such an incredible privilege, and something that still doesn’t entirely seem real. Whilst having the time to read absolutely anything and everything that lands on my desk is definitely the dream, I’m sadly not blessed with it. This means limiting the variety of books I am asked to read in order to give those I do read a chance at really being acknowledged.

When offering a book to review, I would very much like it if you could include a cover art image (if available) and the book’s summary.


Whilst I have been known to enjoy reading adult fiction, classics and basically anything containing words, this blog is dedicated to my first love of Young Adult (YA) fiction. I’ll read just about anything YA, although I am a particularly big fan of fantasy; paranormal; and contemporary novels that convey serious issues. Regardless, I’m generally open to anything YA.

I’m also a big fan of middle grade fiction that’s done well – take that as you will. My all time favourite book (How To Live Forever – Colin Thompson) is actually a middle grade novel. What makes these really stand out for me is their ability to explain serious and prominent obstacles in everyday life whilst still appealing to children and adults alike.


As previously mentioned, this is a Young Adult/Middle Grade orientated blog. This means that at this time I am not accepting adult fiction for review.

generally do not read straight romance, crime, sports, biographies or memoirs, thriller, war, erotica or non-fiction (you’d be surprised at how many requests I get to review self-help novels!)


Self-published authors often hit it pretty hard for publicity, especially without the backing of a big friendly publisher to get them on their feet.

I’ve read some terrific self published novels, and I’ve read some rather horrendous ones. In light of this, I’m not saying no. That’s also not a yes.
Self-published books will be accepted on a case by case basis. If you think your book fits the criteria listed under ‘Books I like to read’, then shoot me an email.


If the book you would like to send for review is part of a series, it would be fantastic if you could first check if I have read any previous books in the series and, if not, supply any previous books. Reviews will, of course, be posted for any previous books read.

I don’t review books without having reviewed all previous books in that series. If I do happen to receive a book without it’s predecessors, I’ll do my best to get a hold of them myself. Sadly, I’m not made of money and I don’t live near any particularly YA-focused libraries.

If I can’t acquire the previous books, then I’m more than happy to pass the book/s on to another blogger or use them in a contest, with the publisher/author’s permission.


I accept physical books and ARCs.

eBooks are a maybe. I do own a Nook Color, so any eBooks must be compatible with it – however I find myself much more likely to want to read a book if it’s sitting there in front of me. SO, physical books are ultimately preferable and requests for eBook reviews are less likely to be accepted.

I do not review audio books.


All of the books I review are rated on a 5-star system (which includes the use of half stars); you can read up on my rating system here.

I write my reviews as a way to discuss how I felt about a book. This means no sugar coating. That being said, I believe that every book has merit, and every story some potential. There’s always something good to be found.
My reviews are honest, and while I’m never going to intentionally ‘bash’ a book, I’m not going to hide something I don’t like. In saying that, my reviews always contain (often far too extensive) reasons behind why I did or didn’t like a book.

All of my reviews include a cover art image, a book summary (from either the back cover or from Goodreads – unless one is provided by the publisher/author), the release date (if not yet released), amount of pages and year of first publication, as well as a rating and a quote from the book at the end of the review.

I will notify publishers/authors once a review is posted.
Reviews are also posted on Goodreads and, occasionally, Library Thing. If you would like the review posted on another site, please do not hesitate to ask.

If a review is posted ahead of the book’s release date, we always post a reminder on or close to the actual date of publication to remind readers of the book’s release.

Contrary to what my friends all seem to think, I’m actually a pretty slow reader. My reviews can take anything from up to a week to several months from the date I receive a book. If a book is not yet released, I’ll do my best to post a review as close to the release date as possible.

There is no guarantee that we I’m going to review every book I receive. Sometimes a book just doesn’t click, and in this case if I can’t finish a book we will endeavour to try again at another time, or pass it on to another reviewer. I do not post DNF reviews.


Blog tours, interviews and giveaways are a fantastic way for readers to get to know the author behind a book and to give books a special and new way to shine.

I’m absolutely open to blog tours, however, I need at least a month between the arrival of the book in question and the tour date/s.

I’m also really love conducting interviews and giveaways and I am able to ship internationally! I’m very interested in promoting international (i.e. not US/Canada only) book giveaways.


Statistics are often a way to judge whether a blog is going to reach the sort of audience you want it to. They also make people petty, rude and stressed out.

Because of this, I’ve chosen not to include that sort of information on my blog. I’ve run this blog (and several others) for several years now, and among other things it has taught me, I’ve learnt that statistics are not the be all and end all of who you are and what your blog can provide.

I’m lucky that I live in Australia, and the book blogging industry isn’t so competitive. Still, constantly having to watch my statistics and feel like I wasn’t good enough isn’t something I enjoyed.

Blogging is first, and foremost, a hobby for me. I’m not a professional and I don’t claim to be – and with that freedom comes the decision not to display my statistics. And that’s all there is to be said on the matter.

Contact me

If you made it through all of that (you are a champion!) and you’d still like me to review one of your books, please send me an email at
Additional contact information is available in the sidebar.

I am based in Sydney, Australia.

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