Back From Neverland…

Hey most lovely people!

How I’ve missed you all! ♥ How is everyone? (:

So it’s been a while, huh? Between uni, exams and work my life has been chaos but I’m back in business and keen to catch up with you all.

It’s a little sad though, because something awesome totally passed me by during all this madness…

Tea Mouse’s third birthday! Hazaahh!

I know, it was back in September (the 16th to be exact) which is eons ago, but how scary is it? We’re three! We’re over three now! Like, WOAH!? When did this happen and why am I still here? Haha, ok, that was a bit dramatic, but still… I’ve been around for three years (book blogging, at least) and that is pretty long since I fail at sticking with things. And so gosh knows how people are still reading this (assuming you are) and actually care about what I am saying.

So despite missing this momentus occasion, thank you all. For those of you who are still here, still reading, thank you so much. You amaze me every day with your lovelyness and your acceptance and you’re pure desire to share your love of literature. You are beautiful and kind and amazing and the world needs more people like you.

Anyway, so uni finished as of yesterday. Isn’t that pure insanity? I’ve finished my first year of uni and I still don’t feel old enough to be out of school. I have a car, I go out and I go to uni and oh my gosh I’m big! That scares me. Mega-ly.

But anyhow, I am going to leave you with my ramblings. But I’m back, and that’s awesome, and I’m happy to be back. (:



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