The Hunger Games Movie Poster Revealed!

AJCKSJWJMOLPANSDLVNSLCNIP!!!! This really deserves some keymashing goodness, don’t you think?

I love how the pin is on fire, the symoblism is just so wonderful and everything on that poster has some relevance to the book! My only problem is that the poster looks way blurry… I’m assuming they’ll fix that up but still…

I really love that they used Effie Trinket’s catchphrase as the tagline too. I mean, I know it was the obvious choice, but it’s just so … perfect. It sums up this movie and the books so well, and OHMYGOSH WHY CAN’T IT BE OUT NOW?
I guess I can settle for it coming out 13 days after my 19th birthday though… ;)

And that isn’t all the awesomness… The people at Lionsgate also managed to make a countdown widget and a moving poster! Don’t they both look A-mazing?

I am super super excited for this film. So far I’m impressed with the progress – I mean, in terms of casting it looks like they’ve gone for talent over big name stars which I’m supremely happy about. Really, as long as this doesn’t turn out like the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, I’ll be happy.

So let me know what you think about the poster – love it, hate it, meh? I want to know!

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